A new face in the imaging supplies industry The polaroid brand has been defined by imaging products and supplies since its inception, Whether printing business documents or presentation, we know printing quality is the most important consideration for your customers when purchasing toner/ink cartridges . Trust in the Polaroid brand and reliability to deliver the best value proposition to you and your end-users. Introducing Polaroid compatible toner/ ink cartridgesIn today's mature toner and ink market, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) still control over 70% of the overall market despite intense pressure from the aftermarket suppliers. The simple truth is that most consumers are unwilling to give non-OEM supplies a chance due to questionable quality, unclear warranties and unknown brands.Polaroid, with its universal brand recognition and OEM-quality products, can finally change that, Polaroid is a household name that has been synonymous with imaging quality and instant visual gratification since 1937. For the first time, consumers have a choice of non-OEM printing supplies which carry the same level of brand awareness and confidence as the OEM products. With Polaroid, there is no longer a need to convince potential customers to switch to  aftermarket suppliers or to sell at a bargain- basement price point. instead, Polaroid cartridges offer high profit margins with prices that are 20% - 30% less than original supplies and attract both OEM  and aftermarket customers alike.