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One of the world's leading independent test institutes, Intertek tested, AgfaPhoto batteries against well-known competitors. Conclusion: AgfaPhoto is the best all-around battery and overall winner! Currently we have the results of our latest quality benchmarks, which we subject our products regularly. It was conducted by the world's leading testing organization Intertek, which draws on 100 years of experience and 18,000 employees in 930 laboratories in 109 countries. The test compares our AgfaPhoto batteries with the batteries from Duracell, Panasonic, Kodak, Varta, and GP in the following applications:


2.Portable CD player.

3 Digital camera.

The results show that the AgfaPhoto batteries lie in the photographic applications (1 + 3) at the same level as Kodak and ahead of all other brands. In the 2nd Application wise, the AgfaPhoto batteries on the same performance as Duracell and are again ahead of all other batteries. AgfaPhoto is thus in all applications the top brand. Conclusion: The test decides clearly in favor of AgfaPhoto as best all round battery and clear overall winner!

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